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Новый лагерь в Греции на острове Корфу!

Даты: с 26 февраля по 13 марта
Работа: реставрация, строительство
Описание в приложении.
Заявку подаем на сайте: /content/applicationform
Образец заявки: /content/applicaton
По вопросам: [email protected]

ELIX02, "Corfu - Wilde Rose inclusion center", 26/2 - 13/3/2016, MANU / RENO

The non governmental organisation "Wilde Rose" (Wild Rose), is a German intercultural organization, integrated into a large network of organizations for young people. It is an organization that fosters diversity, fights against racism and exclusion and for solidarity and coexistence, participation, integration and inclusion. In Corfu, Dassia beach, they created a center where young people with and without disabilities have the possibility to meet  and to develop joint actions with the aim to foster integration of everybody in society. The center functions as a youth hostel and is the first one in Corfu, offering facilities suitable for wheelchair users.  
The area of this center is an old hotel which started operating last year. Volunteers will be asked to prepare the spaces as the first groups of young people will arrive in late March. Volunteers will work in the premises of the centre such as building access routes for wheelchairs, doing maintenance work such as repainting and work in the garden.

Accommodation and meals:
The volunteers will be staying in the rooms of the hostel "Wilde Rose inclusion center" in Corfu and will help in the preparation of their meals, that will be provided by Wilde Rose. Volunteers should bring a sleeping bag.
Location and Leisure
The "Wilde Rose inclusion center" is located in Dassia, Corfu, about 12 km from Corfu town. It's connected with buses from the capital. Corfu can be reached directly by plane. By bus from Thessaloniki (KTEL) 6 hours journey or by bus from Athens (KTEL) 8 hours journey.

Volunteers must be prepared to engage in manual work and they must bring appropriate work clothes with them as the end of February can be rainy in Corfu region. Please describe your skills in the application form.